Ovarian Cancer: Detection, Treatment, and Survivorship

Ovarian cancer presents significant challenges in detection, treatment, and survivorship, highlighting the importance of early diagnosis and comprehensive care. Often called the "silent killer," ovarian cancer can go unnoticed in its early stages due to vague symptoms or absence of symptoms altogether. Symptoms may include abdominal bloating, pelvic or abdominal pain, difficulty eating or feeling full quickly, and urinary symptoms. Detection typically involves a combination of imaging tests (like ultrasound or CT scans) and blood tests, including CA-125 levels. However, these methods are not fool proof, and many cases are diagnosed at advanced stages when the cancer has spread beyond the ovaries. Research into better screening methods continues to be a focus of medical research. Treatment options for ovarian cancer depend on factors such as the stage of cancer, the type of ovarian cancer, and the woman's overall health. Surgery is usually the initial step, aiming to remove as much of the tumour as possible. Chemotherapy may follow surgery to eliminate any remaining cancer cells. Targeted therapy and immunotherapy are newer approaches that may be used in specific cases to enhance treatment efficacy.

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