Women’s Cancer Survivorship and Quality of Life

Women's cancer survivorship encompasses the physical, emotional, and social aspects of life after completing cancer treatment, aiming to enhance quality of life and overall well-being. Advances in early detection and treatment have significantly increased survival rates for various types of cancer among women. However, survivorship brings its own set of challenges and considerations. Physical health concerns may persist post-treatment, including fatigue, pain, lymphedema (swelling), neuropathy, and menopausal symptoms induced by treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery. These symptoms can impact daily activities and quality of life, requiring on going management and support from healthcare providers. Emotionally, cancer survivorship may bring about feelings of anxiety, fear of recurrence, depression, or adjustment to changes in body image and self-esteem. Supportive care, including counselling, support groups, and survivorship programs, can provide emotional support and help women navigate the emotional challenges associated with survivorship.

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